Malcolm G. Weeks

CEO & Director

Mr. Malcolm is CEO & Executive Director of SARV, he embarked upon a wonderful journey as a successful businessman almost 10 years ago. His passion for the duration of this period has been to fulfill his lifelong dream of offering retired communities across the globe unique (at least in this part of the world).

Gary Weeks

Admissions Director

Gary serves as the initial contact for independent living residents or those needing care and support wishing to join one of the retirement villages operated by SARV Ltd. It is common for people to have many questions but rest assured that with Gary’s extensive knowledge experience.

Ömer Metbulut

Civil Engineer

Ömer Metbulut is a Civil Engineer at Pimet Architecture and Civil Engineering Bureau.  With over 10 years of experience in civil engineering, Ömer is one of the Senior Partners in his Company and has worked on several major projects over the years. Ömer is also a consultant civil engineer for Stone Arch.

Dervish Yaşar Baha

Business Consultant

A Senior Partner in BSC, Dervish has joined the Team SARV to ensure each of the retirement villages operates at all times within International Retirement Community Accreditation Scheme (IRCAS) Standards. He will be the Lead Trainer both on-site and online who will ensure and oversight all staff of SARV.

Ayla Osmanlılar

Care Manager

Ayla Osmanlılar is an Assisted Living and Care Manager at SARV. As the Manager of Rehabilitation and Care, Ayla brings with her over 21 years of experience in working with retired independent people or those with varying degrees of care needs, Ayla has had privileges working closely with residents.

Şerife Dereboylu


Şerife Dereboylu is a professional Lawyer at Sabancı Law Office, as a Senior Partner and Lawyer at Sabancı law firm, Serife will provide the residents of SARV (New and existing) with free legal advice and guidance concerning all matters, including but not exclusive to immigration, but healthcare rights on-site.

Hazar Vahip

Civil Engineer

Hazar Vahip is a Civil Engineer at MV Architectural Design Group.  Hazar has over 10 years of experience in the civil engineering field just like Asya, who she also a partner at MV Architectural Design Group. Hazar graduated from the University of Southampton in the UK and since returned back to Northern Cyprus.

Hassan Vahib

Consultant & Advisor

Hassan Vahib BSc, MSc, an Alderman Senior Consultant and Advisor to S.A.R.V. Ltd. Hassan is a Senior Partner at Business Solutions Consultancy (BSC) with over 18 years of experience at senior level in providing strategic business planning, total quality management (TQM) for senior citizens.

Ulaş Sabancı


Ulaş Sabancı is a professional Lawyer working at Sabancı Law Office. Mr. Sabancı as a Senior Lawyer brings 10+ years of experience as a lawyer at Sabancı Law Office, specializing in conveyancing, real estate, and contract law. Ulaş will be at hand to provide free legal advice and guidance to SARV residents.

Mark D. Staples


Mark David Staples works at Archway Design Services Ltd that was set up in 2003, specializing in making Planning and Building Regulation applications for residential and commercial properties in London and the South East as well as preparing schemes for properties in France, Switzerland, Barbados, and etc.

Asya Vahip

Architect & Designer

Asya is the daughter of a locally renowned architect late Mehmet Vahip. Asya is fast establishing herself as a new generation architect focused on designs so functionally specific that they offer profoundly unique aesthetic experiences for end-users. As a Junior Architect back in 2010 Asya was involved in a UNDP…

Peter Harrell

Marketing Specialist

Peter Harrell is a real estate Marketing Specialist, Peter has made a reputation as a local expert on North Cyprus, with over 18 years of residence he sure has a lot to share and offer to ‘would be residents’ of retirement villages. Peter, is truly an expert on every aspect that concerning how to buying and selling properties.