Pioneers of retirement in Cyprus

Most of us can now expect our retirement years to last for more than a couple of decades. So, with life expectancy on the rise where you choose to spend those twilight years has become more important than ever.

Retirement living has become increasingly popular throughout the modern and contemporary world, recognizing and offering retired people well-deserved lifestyles answering many people’s conundrum on life after retirement, where to find the quality of life they so deserve.

Useful Information to help you decide

You want your retirement to be longer, happier and stress-free, and where you live plays a major role in this.

Surprisingly the concept of retirement villages is relatively new to the retired European communities but not so in and across a number of countries that appear to be leading the way, including Australia which has over 2,200 retirement villages, the USA with over 3500, New Zealand with almost 400 retirement villages, Panama and Thailand all offering purpose-built accommodation to attract retired communities.

Our Vision and Mission are focussed and underpinned very much by the principles of respect, love, decency & kindness offering every resident in our retirement villages a well-deserved active retirement lifestyle with like-minded individuals, in safe and secure settings. Our chosen destination to design, build and operate quality retirement villages in Northern Cyprus, where our retired communities can find peace, harmony, quality healthcare and serene lifestyle, quality of life, affordable cost of living, and much more.