Stone Arch Retirement Village (SARV)

Stone Arch retirement village LTD.

The project consisting of the construction of a concrete-framed structure with face-brick plus rendered external walls of 10 Blocks of 30 Apartments, 300 Units plus purpose-built independent living homes with two and three-bedroom self-contained affordable rental units, leisure and recreational facilities for residents aged over 55.



  • Our Vision is to offer life-enhancing quality lifestyles, living, and location choices deserved to buy for retired people.


  • Our Mission at SARV Ltd is;
  1. To provide choices of retirement villages with each offering residents well-deresrved feeling of well being and happiness
  2. To provide peace of mind, safety, and security for every resident and their loved ones
  3. To attract and retain quality employees who care about making a difference in our residents’ lives.


  • To provide a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life experience for retirees
  • To provide peace of mind for the loved ones of the Stone Arch Retirement Village residents
  • To attract and retain qualified & quality employees who would care about making a difference in the residents’ lives


Stone Arch Retirement Villages Ltd. (SARV) business philosophy is underpinned with ethical values and principles, translated into active language establishing standards or rules describing the kind of behaviour its’ employees and business executives should and should not engage in. The following list of principles and ethical values underpin and incorporate the characteristics and values that SARV expects of its’ employees and business executives:

  1. Empathy, Tolerance & Understanding: We will promote, encourage & support understanding and compassion at all times  Respect: We shall always honor, celebrate and respect our residents and every one of retirement age.
  2. Trust & Honesty: We believe in keeping our promises and doing the right thing
  3. Integrity: All SARV employees and Executives demonstrate at ball times personal integrity and the courage of their convictions by doing what they think is right even when there is great pressure to do otherwise; they are principled, honorable, and upright; will not sacrifice integrity for expediency, be hypocritical, or unscrupulous.
  4. Fairness: All employees and Executives are always fair and just in all their dealings; they do not exercise power arbitrarily and do not use overreaching nor indecent means to gain or maintain any advantage nor take undue advantage of another’s mistakes or difficulties. Fair persons manifest a commitment to justice, the equal treatment of individuals, tolerance for and acceptance of diversity, they are open-minded; they are willing to admit they are wrong and, where appropriate, change their positions and beliefs.
  5. Accountable: We are committed to always remaining accountable to all our stakeholders, acknowledging and accepting personal accountability for the ethical quality of decisions and omissions to oneself, colleagues, the Company, and the communities served.
  6. Law abiding: We expect all our employees and Company executives to abide by laws, rules, and regulations relating to business activities.
  7. Customer Care and focus: We believe in providing quality and excellence in customer service, we shall always follow and work within the accepted retirement living code of conduct guidelines to ensure we are able to provide a trustworthy and high-quality service for all our residents and stakeholders.
  8. Performance quality assurance and excellence: All employees and Executives of the Company always pursue excellence in performing their duties, they are well informed and prepared, and constantly endeavor to increase their proficiency in all areas of responsibility.
  9. Loyalty and Performance: We believe in delivering and rewarding loyalty as well as the results.


Our Strategic Priorities

  • To meet the standards demanded by our customers above and beyond their expectations
  • Provide a fair working system which protects the interests of our customers and our employees
  • Move with technological developments and innovation
  • Provide fast, acculturate, trustworthy and reliable services
  • Strive for a consistent, stable, and above all sustainable growth strategy
  • Endeavour to provide real benefit to the community and natural environment of the TRNC
  • Benefits of choosing northern Cyprus & “STONE ARCH” :
  • Better climate, good weather,
  • Better lifestyle and quality of life
  • Better “bang for your buck” with cheaper currency
  • Affordable, Cheaper cost of living
  • Better health care options
  • Dream retirement location Northern Cyprus