Why Northern Cyprus?

We want to make it as simple and seamless process as possible for you to move or relocate to one of our retirement villages, so we have provided information on what it is like to live in Northern Cyprus and in one of our one of our retirement villages; maybe even without having to sell your property back at home and using the potential rental income from that to fund a quality of life you deserve; check out our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section. If you still have question one of our expert advisors will be at hand to help you find the answers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the company have a policy on pets, visitors, and car parking?
3. How close is it to all the facilities such as public transport, medical facilities, shopping facilities, entertainment?
5. Does the retirement village have a Residents’ Committee and if so, how are its members elected?
7. What system does the retirement village have for resolving disputes?
9. What common areas will be available and what you will be paying for?
11. If the operator claims that more facilities are planned, is this claim reflected in their promotional material? Are there any conditions attached?
13. Can you afford the fees and charges?
15. What will be the cost of additional services?
17. Will there be care facilities and nursing home units/accommodation?
2. Will the retirement village has a transport facility? How is it used and maintained?
4. Are residents actively involved in decisions making-the level of maintenance and services provided and the costs?
6. What system does the retirement village have for maintaining the property?
8. What are the restrictions on your use of the retirement village facilities and your unit?
10. What are the retirement village units like: (I) Have you seen one that is identical or very similar to the unit you may move into? (ii) How much freedom do you have to change the unit to fit your tastes?
12. Does the retirement village have an activities coordinator? If you choose not to participate in the activities, do you still have to pay part of the cost through your ongoing fees?
14. Does the retirement village provide optional support services if you need them?
16. Is there a common Dining room available?