Stone Arch Retirement Villages

Retirement villages (or retirement communities) are large developments purpose-built homes especially for people over the age of 55. Our Company Stone Arch has embarked on building 5 retirement villages in Northern Cyprus with each village offering self-contained independent living units, villas, bungalows, or apartments, to serviced apartments with some daily living assistance. Living options would range from one to two and three bedrooms within a low, high or medium-rise complex, stand-alone villas and bungalows or semi-detached dwellings.


Useful Information to help you decide

You want your retirement to be longer, happier and stress-free, and where you live plays a major role in this.

Each retirement village would have approximately 330 dwellings as well as essential lifestyle amenities including to promote a quality and luxury lifestyle, offering a variety of leisure and recreational facilities, such as clubhouses, swimming pools, spas, gym, lawn bowling, restaurants and bars, cafés, allotments, plus a range of social and recreational activities. At each site our Company will establish a Residents’ Committee to ensure an ongoing effective and meaningful dialogue between the site operators, our company and residents.  


Offering ongoing care and support.

The majority of properties in our retirement villages are designed for independent living, but as a Company, we have also considered, after consulting with some of the would-be- residents, the need to include some purpose-built properties to offer care and support for those that need it outside of their homes. This might be in assisted living apartments or onsite care services that can provide home help or personal care. This would ensure that should anyone become ill or in need of long-term care they would not have to worry about moving once again to find a suitable provider for their care needs. As well as promoting independent living each of our retirement villages would also offer the care and support that may be needed in the short, medium and long term.  


The benefits of Stone Arch retirement villages

    • Facilities: Each of our Sites (Retirement Villages) will have excellent social, recreational and leisure facilities (including clubhouses, heated and non-heated swimming pool, wellness centre, gardens and allotments, indoor and outdoor gym, lawn bowling, bistro bar, restaurants and cafés, healthcare centre and much more.
    • Freedom: Each and every resident will have the freedom to live independently in their own homes.
    • Staying together: Each property and each Site will offer the opportunity for partners, husband and wife to stay together with each other even if they may have different care needs.
    • Making friends: Each Village will offer residents opportunities to socialize with other residents of a similar age.
    • Enjoyment of communal areas: With all communal sites well maintained and looked after to the highest quality there will be no responsibility to maintain gardens or facilities for residents (unless they choose to be spending time in the allotments offered at each Site).
    • No hassles with repairs or maintenance: these are usually dealt with by the village operator.
    • Safety and security: With 24hrs security and with low crime levels in the country each resident should feel safer than living alone.
    • Guest suites: At each Site and each Village there will be purpose-built apartments, bungalows, or a boutique hotel nearby, made available for friends and family to stay when they come to visit.
    • Future care: Together with our trained expert care providing associates and the medical experts we will be offering home help and personal care or even on-site 24-hour care for residents if and when needed.
    • Excellent medical care: Each of our retirement villages offer options for nursing or medical care both on-site as well as at a local private state-of-the-art-hospital.
    • Cost: Compared to all other retirement villages available globally you pay less for luxury – homes in one of our retirement communities (even when you compare the prices of properties on the open market). The cost of living in one of our locations including service charges is absolutely transparent, with no hidden costs and no surprises, and with much lower rental fees, maintenance and service charges, or exit or transfer fees.
    • Private project with a touch of community spirit and benefits: Like most retirement village this is a private project offering properties for sale, available to buy (as a life-long lease), as an investment (buy-to-let) or straight forward private rental. Percentage of all income is allocated to the Residents’ Committee for their use in promoting their own community projects and initiatives to enhance the wellbeing and satisfaction of residents.
    • Space: If residents are downsizing from a larger property, there will be storage spaces made available for their surplus possessions.
    • Service charges: Most retirement villages charge monthly or annual fees for maintaining the communal areas and providing facilities. On each of our Site these will be kept to a minimum and the amounts each year will be decided together with the Residents Committee.
    • Diversity: Our retirement villages are designed and build to ensure residents will be as independent as they wish, yet no one will never feel alone, isolated, and trying to cope on their own. There will be people of different ages and backgrounds making each resident feel they have retired to a community that feels nothing like a retirement community.
    • Allotments on each Site: Residents will be able to enjoy (if they choose) gardening when they move to any one of our Sites with the benefit of allocated allotments.
    • Residents’ Committee: Residents of each retirement village shall elect a Residents; Committee to represent their interests. Residents’ Committees will be invited to input into most operational decisions and management of services, organize outings and recreational activities or help resolve minor disputes.

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