I am delighted and proud to announce the beginning of a wonderful journey for our Company, Stone Arch Retirement Villages Ltd., and invite all of you and those planning to retire from 2023 onwards, as well as for those who have already retired and looking perhaps for that perfect location to consider joining our Stone Arch retirement communities in Northern Cyprus.


After many years of careful research and planning, we are finally embarking upon the development of 5 bespoke retirement villages over the next 7 years, offering unparalleled quality retirement living and coastal lifestyle for active retirees, as well as for those who are less active. We expect the first group of retirees to begin settling into our retirement villages from October 2023 onwards.

I am excited to announce that construction work on the 1st of 5 retirement villages shall commence on the 3rd of July 2021 and establish our Company as one of the pioneers, recognized for excellence in all areas of the retirement sector, spanning village operation to design innovation. Each of our well-designed retirement villages will offer residents a wide range of housing options that delivers a good standard of independent living, while also ensuring that high-quality care and support is available as and when required.

Each of our villages shall have Operators with professional teams, trained to manage each retirement complex and the properties and keep both residents and staff safe at all times. The Vision of my Company is very clear in striving towards “promoting and enhancing the quality of life of all our residents”.

Our Company also acknowledges the environmental and social impacts of our operations and is committed to actively managing and minimizing the carbon footprint of the Company and all our operations. I must also underline our commitment to achieving best practice, innovative, eco-friendly planning and development of each village, design, and delivery of all recreational and leisure activities.

Finally, I have no doubt that in collaboration with local people and businesses, the local authorities, and with firm support and endorsement of the central government, we will in no time turn Northern Cyprus into a retirement friendly, welcoming, and from a cost-of-living perspective, a highly affordable retirement haven for the retired communities across the globe.  

Malcolm G. Weeks
Managing Director and CEO
Stone Arch Retirement Villages Ltd.