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We aim to create a quality of life

Stone Arch is a retirement village in Northern Cyprus that aims to create well-deserved quality, lifestyle residential home choices for the local residents and non-local (Europeans) people of retirement age. Our 1st Stone Arch Retirement Village (SARV-1) of the 5 planned retirement villages for North Cyprus will be ready for occupation on October 2023.  The 2nd retirement village (SARV-2) will be on October 2024 and the 3rd expected in October 2025 with the 4th and 5th sites planned for 2026 to 2027.

Better Climate and weather

Cyprus weather is among the hottest anywhere in Europe, with a pleasant sunny and a rainy season in Winter. It can be warm for some tourists at the height of the Summer season.

Better bang for your buck

It could be never a bad decision to move to Northern Cyprus. Foreign currencies e.g U.S dollar, GBP and Euro are strong, and that means it will get you more ”bang for your buck” than any other places.

Better lifestyle & Quality of Life

The island has better lifestyle which is a stress-free lifestyle and minimal pollution make it one of the healthiest and most relaxing countries to live with affordable, cheaper cost of living.


Assisted Living Support

Stone Arch will cater the services to the residents with basic needs such as housing, meals, laundry, and transportation services, as well as social programs.

health care

Better health care options

Healthcare in Cyprus is cheap and effective and is another reason many expats relocate to the island. Public healthcare is cheap and subsidized, and private healthcare costs are affordable.

Investment in the project

Invest in the retirement community village scheme with assured exit strategies, earn between 8% to 15% net annual return and at least 120% buyback guaranteed after 5 years.

Value for Life

Our Values

Continuous Improvement
Tolerance & Understanding
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Invest in the retirement community village scheme with assured exit strategies!

You can now enjoy all the benefits that come with real estate investing within the retirement communities while minimizing the typical risks and hassles. Stone Arch has developed a better way for you to maximize your savings through investing in retirement community rentals or direct investment in the Company. When you partner with Stone Arch and invest a minimum of £10,000 or a maximum of £500,000 we will:

Ageing gracefully

Why Stone Arch?

Providing spacious and luxurious high-end accommodation in a naturally stunning setting!

There is no perfect place like Mediterranean island where you find a relaxed lifestyle, enjoy around 340 days of glorious sunshine a year and boasts a coastline teeming with endless stretches of golden sands, secluded bays, and rocky coves, Cyprus is not only a popular tourist destination but as one of Europe’s top spots for expats, business professionals, and retirees..

  • Youth is a gift of nature….
  • I am not old-I have been
  • Wear your years with pride
  • But Age is a work of art!
  • young for a long time!
  • like a badge of honor!
Live your life to the fullest

Make a Quality Decision

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    Blissful Atmosphere

    As a resident of Stone Arch retirement village, you will have access to the facilities that comprise a gym, yoga, fitness centre, library and more.

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    Live Rent-Free In Retirement

    Every home offers a seamless and harmonious living experience. Our houses designed in eco-friendly considering some factors such as natural light, air ventilation, green area, landscaping, comfort zone, and renewable energy.

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    Country With Low Crime Rate

    At Stone Arch retirement village you’re in charge, which means you can live your life the way you want it, keep your highly treasured freedom in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

The smile reveals the truth

What Stone Arch offer to residents?

The retirement village will offer an independent lifestyle, state-of-the-art care, recreational & leisure facilities and the opportunity to be part of a community of like-minded people. And a selection of stylish two and three-bedroom purpose built homes, sheltered units with wardens, available to rent, or long lease, each designed with uncompromising focus on quality and comfort. There will also be ‘Short Stay Guest Homes/Rooms’ for the residents and visitors.

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Malcolm G. Weeks

CEO & Director

Mr. Malcolm is CEO & Executive Director of SARV, he embarked upon a wonderful journey as a successful businessman almost 10 years ago. His passion for the duration of this period has been to fulfill his lifelong dream of offering retired communities across the globe unique (at least in this part of the world).

Gary Weeks

Admissions Director

Gary serves as the initial contact for independent living residents or those needing care and support wishing to join one of the retirement villages operated by SARV Ltd. It is common for people to have many questions but rest assured that with Gary’s extensive knowledge experience.

Ömer Metbulut

Civil Engineer

Ömer Metbulut is a Civil Engineer at Pimet Architecture and Civil Engineering Bureau.  With over 10 years of experience in civil engineering, Ömer is one of the Senior Partners in his Company and has worked on several major projects over the years. Ömer is also a consultant civil engineer for Stone Arch.

Dervish Yaşar Baha

Business Consultant

A Senior Partner in BSC, Dervish has joined the Team SARV to ensure each of the retirement villages operates at all times within International Retirement Community Accreditation Scheme (IRCAS) Standards. He will be the Lead Trainer both on-site and online who will ensure and oversight all staff of SARV.

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